Frontier Loan Group, Inc. CEO & Broker, Michael Gaddis, J.D. recently interviewed a top San Diego Estate Planning Attorney about the importance of estate planning.  Michael Gaddis, J.D., the host of “The Michael Gaddis Show” on AM 1170 The Answer used a personal experience from his own life to illustrate why EVERYONE should be preparing for issues surrounding their estate.  Brenda Geiger of was a wealth of information and concurred that everyone should be prepared not just for death, but for unexpected incapacity.  Brenda Geiger’s appearance on “The Michael Gaddis Show” was in four parts.  The first, this one, stressed the importance of estate planning.  The second segment discussed why, due to changes in the law and personal circumstances, even those with existing estate plans should have these plans regularly reviewed by an estate planning attorney.  The third segment discusses social benefits such as Medi-Cal and reverse mortages (HECMs).  In the final segment Michael Gaddis, J.D. and Brenda Geiger discuss the numerous books that she has published.